MenOnTheIdleWallThe Idle Wall is named after the restaurant’s nearest landmark. For generations dockers would sit at the old Idle Wall and wait to be employed at the busy harbour. It is marked by a Sun Dial just up from the restaurant’s front door.

The Idle Wall restaurant, where the Quay Cottage used to be, sits at the gates to Westport House and looks out at what must be the most photographed boatshed in the country. The setting is beautiful.

Chef Áine Maguire, a Newport native, has returned to her roots to open this restaurant. Here you will be treated to the very best of Local and Irish Food, from Cluasins and Mountain Lamb to Native Oysters and Mackerel landed at the slipway outside the front door. Áine’s rich food culture from growing up in Newport has given her an interest in Irish Foodways that has moulded her career. From The Winding Stair to the table of the British Ambassador, from France to the Caribbean and back, it is this culture which brings her home.

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